iHome iDM5 iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Speaker System

iHome iDM11 tiny bluetooth speaker

iHome iDM5 iPad Keyboard Speaker System

More than a month before at the CES 2012, iHome Audio unveiled its iDM5, a multi-functional keyboard that doubles as a iPad speaker system with speakerphone. The iDM5 doesn’t docks your iPad, iPod or iPhone, instead it has USB port for connecting for mobile devices for charging. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, it is virtually compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The iDM5 is not just a Bluetooth keyboard. It also packs stereo speakers and speakerphone for enjoying music and making phone calls wirelessly. No words yet on availability and pricing, however.

iHome iDM11 tiny bluetooth speaker

Also presented at the CES 2012 is the iHome iDM11, a tiny, square Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone.



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