SanDisk Cruzer Fleur 8GB USB Dirve for Girls

SanDisk Cruzer Fleur 8GB USB Dirve for Girls

SanDisl offers this 8GB Cruzer Fleur USB flash drive, which is perfect for girls. It is priced at $80. [SanDisk]
SolidAlliance Lego-like USB Drive

SolidAlliance Lego-like USB Drive

SolidAlliance offers a Lego-like USB drive. It has 1GB capacity and is available in 5 colors. [Product Page]
Elecom MF-KU2, MF-AU28GB

Elecom MF-KU2, MF-AU28GB Hi-Speed USB Drives

Here are two new Hi-Speed USB Flash drives from Elecom, the MF-KU2 and MF-AU2. Both Elecom MF-KU2 and MF-AU28GB have 8GB capacity and a 25MB/s transfer rate. Elecom MF-KU2 weights ...
Buffalo SHD-U16G 16GB USB Flash Drive

Buffalo SHD-U16G 16GB USB Flash Drive

Buffalo has the SHD-U16G, an USB Flash drive with 16B capacity. The Buffalo SHD-U16G “uses the Silicon HDD technology, which allows for more than 16GB in the near future”. ...
Titan USB Flash Drive

Titan USB Flash Drive – Waterproof, Anti-Shock, Anti-Vibration and Anti-Static

Tyukalov has created the Titan, a Custom Handmade USB Flash Drive which is Waterproof, Anti-Shock, Anti-Vibration and Anti-Static. The Titan is available in 1GB or 2GB and it works ...

Volvox – USB webcam+Flash Drive

Sunyang DNT, a Korean company, presents the Volvox which is an USB thumbdrive as well as a Webcam. The Volvox has a 1.3 Megapixel sensor which can capture video at 30fps with a 640×480 ...

Bowling Ball USB Flash drive

USB Flash drive is getting smaller and smaller but Chris Spurgeon “embed his flash drive” into a regulation sixteen-pound Galaxie 300 bowling ball. It is not a good storage ...

Transcend Jetflash TS16GJF2A 16GB flash drive

Transcend Jetflash TS16GJF2A flash drive features 16GB of storage space and high read/write speeds for about 25/20 MB per second. Built with Hi-Speed NAND-type Flash, it is fully USB2.0 ...