CEATEC Highlights

CEATEC 2006 has started and here are some product highlights.

Panasonic Blu-ray disc player

Panasonic showed its Blu-ray disc player, the DMP-BD10 at IFA 2006. The player supports 1080p HD Playback, HDMI and 7.1ch high-quality sound.

Panasonic TH-AX100 video projector

Panasonic unveiled its new TH-AX100 video projector, which supports HD 720p and with a resolution of 1280×720 and a contrast of 6000:1 while it also accepts 1125-1080 60i and ...

Panasonic SV-SD350V MP3 Player

Panasonic’s SV-SD350V has a screen and it supports MP3, WMA, SD-Audio (ACC) playback, FM Tuner, Voice recording. With the Ni-MH rechargeable battery, it can pay up to 12 hours ...

Panasonic Y5 ‘Waterproof’ Laptop

The latest notebook from Panasonic, Y5 has a casing that can resist to a pressure of 100kg and a waterproof keyboard. The Waterproof Y5 notebook is powered by Intel’s Core Duo ...

103-inch Plasma to ship in December 2006

According to the Press Release, Panasonic has announced that it will make its World’s Largest (103-inch) Full HD plasma screen available to consumers in December this year. The ...
Panasonic LF-MB121JD

The First Blu-Ray Burner – Panasonic LF-MB121JD

Panasonic has announced the LF-MB121JD Blu-Ray drive for PC. The drive can burn BD discs at 2x speed. Other than BD discs, it also can record DVD+/-R and DVD+RW at 8x speed, DVD-RW ...
Panasonic's DVD-LX97

Portable DVD player with Digital TV Tuner from Panasonic

Panasonic’s DVD-LX97 is a Portable DVD, CD, SD player while it is also a Portable TV supporting Digital TV broadcast. The device has a 9” TFT LCD screen. It can read DVD-RAM, ...
SD 310

Panasonic’s Trio of MP3 players

Panasonic is going to release its new series of mp3 players in 21 Apr in China. The new series are SV-SD770v/SD710, SV-SD570v/SD510, SV-SD370v/SD310. All of them comes with no internal ...
Leica C-LUX 1

Leica C-LUX 1 announced

Leica announces its new Digital camera – the Leica C-LUX 1. Other than the brand, Leica C-LUX 1 is exactly the same as Panasonic FX-01. It has a 1/2.5″ CCD sensor with 6.37 ...