Samsung SGH-E840 Slider

Samsung SGH-E840 Slider Phone

Samsung presents the SGH-E840, a ultra slim slider phone. The Samsung SGH-E840 has a 2.22-inch 260k color TFT LCD display, a 2 Megapixel camera, media player supporting multi-format ...
Samsung SGH-i520

Samsung SGH-i520 and SGH-i600 Smartphone

Samsung introduces two new smartphones, the SGH-i520 and SGH-i600, at the 3GSM World Congress.  Actually, we have see the i600 before, it is the same as the Samsung BlackJack (except ...
Samsung Ultra Movie F510

Samsung F510 Ultra Movie Phone

Samsung Ultra Movie F510 is actually a little update to the F500 Ultra Video Phone. Samsung adds DVB-H , CBMS support to F500 and make it to be F510. The F510 is a 3G phone with HSDPA, ...
Samsung Ultra Smart F520

Samsung Ultra Smart F520 Dual Slider Phone

Samsung announced the Ultra Smart F520, a 3G multimedia  phone supporting HSDPA and EDGE. The F520 has a 3 Megapixel camera with Flash, a 3-inch 260k 480×272 LCD touch screen, ...
Samsung Ultra Edition 2 12.1 (U700)

Samsung Ultra Edition II 12.1 (U700) Ultra Slim Slider

The Samsung Ultra Edition 2 12.1 (U700) is another ultra-slim (12.1mm thick) slider phone in the Ultra Edition 2 series. The Ultra Edition 2 12.1 (aka U700) is a tri-band GSM/3G phone ...
Samsung Ultra Edition 2 10.9 (U600)

Samsung Ultra Edition II 10.9 (U600) Ultra Slim Slider

Samsung announced the Ultra Edition II series mobile phones and the Ultra Edition 2 10.9 (aka U600) is only 10.9mm thick. The Samsung Ultra Edition 10.9/U600 is a Quad-band phone with ...
Samsung SGH-i600/i607/Blackjack

Samsung SGH-i600(BlackJack) Video Preview

PDAGold gives us a video preview on the Samsung SGH-i600 (aka BlackJack or SGH-i607). The Samsung SGH-i600 is powered by Texas Instruments OMAP 1710 220 MHz processor and runs Window ...
Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Samsung Ultra Smart F700 Smartphone

Samsung announced its new Ultra Smart F700 smartphone with a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard for quick and easy text input. The phone supports 7.2Mbps  High Speed Downlink Packet Access ...
Samsung SGH-i718 Live Shots

Samsung SGH-i718 Live Shots

The Samsung SGH-i718 can now be found in Hong Kong, and PhoneDaily HK gives us some live shots of the ultra-slim Windows Mobile 5 PDA phone. More pictures after the jump.
Samsung SGH-i718 PPC Phone

Samsung SGH-i718 Pocket PC Phone found in Hong Kong

Samsung announced the SGH-i718 last year at the ITU Telecom World and it can now be found in Hong Kong and China. The Samsung SGH-i718 is a ultra slim PDA phone, that it measures 108 ...