1 TB Solid State Storage

1 TB Solid State Storage

A company called Texas Memory Systems has announced Tera-RamSan which is the largest solid state array with a staggering capacity up to 1TB. The rack consists of an array of 9U servers connected together via 4Gbit fiber-channel. The Tera-RamSan is configured to act as a NAS device, linking directly to an Ethernet connection, or connect to an existing fiber-channel array.


  • Up to 1TB of storage
  • 3.2+ million I/O per second
  • 24GB/sec bandwidth
  • Less than 14 microseconds average access time
  • Includes integrated hard drives for backup
  • 4Gbit fiber-channel connection (2Gbit capable)
  • Supports point-to-point, arbitrated loop, and switched fabric topologies
  • Individual units configurable in RAID array

The Tera-RamSan comes equipped to handle complete blackouts with the use of internal hard drives matched to the capacity of the memory modules. The unit will copy the entire contents of its memory onto disk before shutting down approximately 1 hour after losing power.



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