Dual core CPU, Dual core MP3?

Updates: Dual Core MP3 Player – The 2nd Generation

As to improve the audio quality, TECLAST presents the C150 music player which are “Dua core”. What does it mean by dual core (dual chip is more appropriate), TECLAST take out the DAC and amplifier chip out of the decoding chip.


TECLAST claims that by separating the two component, the sound quality will not be affected by the noises produced by main decoding chip amd improves the signal-to-noise ratio up to 100db. C150 supports MPEG1 video playback and with the bundle software, you can convert any video formats(including RM) to AMV files which C150 can play. It featuress a 65k color 1.5-inch LCD display, 512MB memory, 8 equalizer modes, FM tuner, and line-in recording. It also has e-Book funtion which supports ASCII and Unicode Text files.

TECLAST C150 is a popular model in China but no words yet on international release.




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