AwoX MediaCTRL – SmartPhone Media Control

AwoX MediaCTRL

Make your life easier through WiFi technology? AwoX unveiled the mediaCTRL application for Smartphone which transforms a phone in to a super screen remote control via WiFi. You can now view images on your TV, hear music on your stereo and see films stored on your PC just by a click of a button. It simply makes a mobile into a server to view images and other files.

AwoX provides a extremely easy way to set the whole thing up that you can launch mediaCTRL in about three steps. You just need to install the CD, synchronize your phone and plug your TV, Stereo etc either via cables or wirelessly. The aggregation of the media and the connection of the equipment on WiFi are automatic thanks to UPnP technology. The software will be available during 2nd quarter 2006 and no word on pricing yet.


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