Vodafone Toshiba V604T TV Phone

Vodafone Japan introduces a new mobile phone with built-in TV tuner, the Toshiba V604T. With built-in a terrestrial analogue TV tuner, the V604T allows users to bring TV just in their pocket. As you rotate the main display back 360 degrees while holding down a central side button, the TV tuner will be activated automatically. This is what Vodafone and Toshiba call TV View Style.


To provide best TV signal reception, the phone is equipped with a a “TV Rod Antenna” that can be positioned to any angle. It also packs a dedicated FM radio tuner as well and features music player. The V604T features a large main display and a secondary front display, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, and a mini SD card slot. It measures 50x103x25 mm and weighss 145g.




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