Color LCD Touchscreen Remote – Xantech XTR39

Xantech XTR39

The Xantech XTR39 is a stylish, user-friendly IR universal remote control. The 3.9-inch LCD screen allow users to personalize for their own needs. The most frequently used commands such as volume, channel, power, and mute are perfectly positioned and the touch wheel control provides easy access to menus and commands. The LCD touchscreen remote allows to control virtually every major system such as A/V system, lighting, climate control, and more. The device is even programmable.

Drop-IR programming software allows for the same quick and easy set-up as other Xantech components. Programming the XTR39 is simple, with the same graphics, built-in IR library, IR learning capability, and IR macro ability of Xantech SmartPad LCD touchpanels.

The remote is now available for $999.00. Visit Xantech



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