Vodafone Japan launches V804SS

On 25th March, Vodafone commence nationwide sales of the Vodafone 804SS, a new 3G handset by Samsung Electronics. It is Samsung’s first mobile phone for the Japanese market. The phone measures only W50.5 x H99 x D14.9mm and weights 98g. It features Document viewing for Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

The V804SS also comes with a Full-fledged music player functions with external music keys on the front while it also supports Deru Moji 3D Pictogram Display for pop-up animations in received mails.


Japan W-CDMA
Abroad W-CDMA, GSM
Size (Width x Height x Thickness) Approx. 50.5 x 99
Weight Approx. 98g
Continuous talktime/standby time
W-CDMA Approx. 150 min. GSM Approx. 210 min.
Main 2.3-inch (240 x 320
Sub 1.07-inch (128 x
Mobile camera
Main 1.30 million effective CMOS
Sub 300,000 effective CMOS
Other main functions
V-appli (Mega Appli), Mail Art, Vodafone live! BB, USB
connectivity, Bluetooth 1.1, Bilingual menus, Voice recorder
Colour variations (pictured)
Black, Orange

V804SS V804SS


[Vodafone] via [TechEBlog]


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