Sennheiser’s New Series of Earphones

MX 70

Sennheiser announces is new series of earphones. The new models are divided into 3 series, namely Street, Sport, Style. Different design are featured on different series and some of the design have been awarded Golden iF Product Design Award. More details are given below.


In the “Street” range from Germany’s leading headphones professional, Seven models will be “strutting their stuff” for fashion-conscious teenagers: two classic earphones, a model with a lanyard, two earbow models, and two earphones with a new, patent-pending “twist-to-fit” system. In this series, OMX 50 has received iF Award. (Click images to Enlarge)



OMX 52 OMX 52 VC

MXL 51


This series is specially design for those who like to combine sports activities with their favorite music.The new “Sport” range fits securely with maximum comfort and is unaffected by rain, sweat and low temperatures. Sennheiser offers a model for virtually every taste and every wearing style. In this series, the MX 70 is the winner of the Golden iF Product Design Award which is a set of earphones with magnetic surfaces.(Click images to Enlarge)

MX 70 MX 70 VC

MX 75 PMX 70
OMX 70 MXL 70 VC

LX 70


The new “Style” range from Sennheiser elegant headphones in a metal look for portable music players and multimedia devices. The new Style range includes earphones with a newly developed securing mechanism (MX 90 VC Style), earbow headphones (OMX 90 VC Style) and “flex” headphones(LX 90 Style).(Click images to Enlarge)

MX 90 VC OMX 90

LX 90

All the new series will be available in May

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