Panasonic’s Trio of MP3 players

Panasonic is going to release its new series of mp3 players in 21 Apr in China. The new series are SV-SD770v/SD710, SV-SD570v/SD510, SV-SD370v/SD310. All of them comes with no internal memory and music are to stored in SD card only. All of them supports MP3, WMA, AAC playback and D-Sound effects. Details below.


SV-SD770v/SD710 can display up to 7 lines of Chinese Characters. It has a battery life of 72 Hours. The differences between between the two models are that SV-SD770v has FM-Radio, Recording and supports external power. With the external power the SV-SD770v will have battery life of 150 Hours.

Dimension: 6.7 x 87.3 x 11mm
Weight: 770v – 53g, 710 – 52.5g
Price: 770v – 20000 Yen, 710 – 18000 Yen

SD 710

SD 510

SV-SD570v/SD510 features a OLED screen which can display up to two lines of Chinese Characters. Battery life is 25 Hours and with external power, the battery life will be 115 hours.

Dimension: 57.5 x 45.5 x 15.4mm
Weight: 570v – 37.5g, 510 – 37g
Price: 570v – 19000Yen, 510 – 17000 Yen

SD 310

Except the design, the SV-SD370v/SD310 is similar to SV-SD570v/SD51, they have similar features.

Dimension: 55.2 x 44.3 x 12.4mm
Weight: 370v – 37.8g / 310 – 37.4g
Price: 370v – 15000 Yen / 310 – 13000 Yen



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