Sharp V904sh true VGA 3G phone on Sale in Japan

According to Vodafone KK website, the world’s first true VGA phone Sharp V904sh is released in Japanon 15th Apr. The phone is another high-end mobile phone produced by Sharp for Vodafone KK after Toshiba’s V904T.

Sharp V904sh

The new 3G phone got a 2.4-inch VGA screen (480×640 pixels) and an external single-line monochrome display with 12 x 72 pixels resolution. Same as 903sh, 904sh has a 3.2megapixel camera with 2x optical zoom, Bluetooth, InfraRed, MiniSD. It supports Vodafone live! FeliCa, Vodafone live! NAVI, Vodafone live! BB and also Vodafone live! CAST.

Some other new features :

  • New Motion Control Sensor
  • Face Recognition
  • Digital Comic Viewer
  • 3D surround sound compatible stereo speakers
  • The phone measures 50x104x28mm and weighs 151g.

Sharp V904sh

Sharp V904sh

[Vodafone KK]


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