Palm Treo 680 Reviewd

LaptopMag presents us a Review for Palm Treo 680. To refresh your momory, the Treo 680 is a smartphone runs Palm OS v 5.4.9H with the Intel PXA270 Processor and 64Mb Memory, it has a 2.6-inches with 65,000 colors and 320 x 320 pixels resolution, Bluetooth 1.2, EDGE and a SD card slot.

There are now several sub-$200 smart phones on the market, but the Treo 680 does the best job of making it simple to juggle voice calls, messaging, the Web, and PIM functions. For Cingular customers, the HSDPA-enabled Samsung BlackJack is the best bet for style-conscious multimedia mavens. But the Treo 680 has broader appeal because of how intuitive Palm makes the user experience.

– Lighter than previous Treos
– Easy-to-use phone and favorites applications
– Can read and edit attachments
– Very good call quality
– Free setup support for first 90 days

– Shorter battery life than Treo 650
– Flimsy stylus
– Color options cost more


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