Xerox Canada develops ‘erasable paper’

Xerox-Canada-erasable paper.jpg

Xerox Canada has develop “a way to create temporary images on paper that would self-erase in 24 hours or less”. The special paper can theoretically be used again and again, as much as 50 time.

“You could see there were these documents people only use once or twice or for the day, and then they’re gone. You start to classify them. And from that, you could see that two out of every five [printed pages] are for daily use,” said Paul Smith, a lab manager at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, the company’s Mississauga, Ont.-based think-tank.

With that in mind, Xerox decided there was clear demand for paper that could be reused, but not recycled, on a daily basis. Mr. Smith’s team went to work developing the paper, while scientists in California worked on a special printer.

[Canada] via Newlaunches


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