S-XGen – the First Practical UMPC


I don’t whether i should call S-XGen an UMPC or a Pocket PC, but it is claims to be the ” First Practical UMPC For Real All-Day Power Computing On The Road”. The S-XGen runs the Windows CE 5.0 and comes with Microsoft Office. It is powered by an an Intel PXA 270 Xscale 520 MHz processor, 256MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive.

It has a 4-inch 470 x 280 TFT LCD display, a built-in 2.8 Megapixel camera, a QWERTY keyboard. For connectivity, the S-XGen has Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Tri-band cellular network, and USD. The S-XGen UMPC is priced at $1400 with the Microsoft Office.

Hands-on Pics

Hands-on Video



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