Asus AiGuru S2 USB Internet Phone supports Skype

Asus AiGuru S2

Asus announced it new cordless USB internet phone, the AiGuru S2 which supports Skype. The Asus AiGuru S2 supports IEEE 802.11b+g, with Auto-Fallback and Auto-Channel-Selection, and it has a 128X128 Dot Matrix CSTN-LCD Display.
It works with Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype Conference and Microsoft Vista SideShow. It can also remotely access Playback List of iTune & Windows Media Player.

Enriched Communication Experience
The AiGuru S2 is a cordless USB Internet phone offering support for Skype software, Windows Vista SideShow, and both Apple iTunes and Windows Media Player for wireless music play. The AiGuru S2 remains true to ASUS’ three main product design concepts style, ease of use and seamless integration with PC applications that users are no longer tied down to their PCs or laptops. The premium slim design, brilliant color display and backlit keypad make the AiGuru S2 comfortable to use around the house or office, regardless of where the computer is located. Access to broadband Internet is required.

The AiGuru S2’s simplified menu structure and user-friendly interface make it easy to leverage all of Skype’s capabilities. Besides Skype’s basic features, the AiGuru S2 also provides the ability for users to manage their personal information and contact lists. Users can also see callers’ photos or avatars and Skype ID when receiving an incoming call.

For portable music enjoyment, the AiGuru S2 comes equipped with a high quality speaker and five EQ voice modes to support streaming music from a PC using Wi-Fi technology. Through Windows Vista SideShow support, users can also use the AiGuru S2 handset to access their e-mail information on their PC.



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