T-Mobile Ameo/HTC Athena Price announced

T-Mobile Ameo/HTC Athena
T-Mobile has announced the price for the new PDA phone Ameo which is formerly known as HTC Athena. The T-Mobile Ameo(HTC Athena) is powered by an Intel Intel PXA270 624 MHz processor, 256MB ROM, 8GB of hard drive. It has a 5-inch VGA LCD touch-screen, Bluetooth 2/0 and WiFi 802.11b/g. The Ameo supports WCDMA, HSDPA 3.5G and even GPS navigation.

T-Mobile Ameo/HTC Athena

Other than the 8GB internal storage, it has a miniSD slot supporting the SDHC standard.

You can get the Ameo PDA Phone from T-Mobile Germany for 500 Euro with 24-month contract. The price for other countries is not yet set and it is expected that HTC will release a 7-inch version of the UMPC-like PDA phone.

Though the Ameo looks like a UMPC, it actually runs the Windows Mobile OS.

T-Mobile Ameo/HTC Athena

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