Nokia N800 Disassembled (Video)

Nokia N800 Disassembled

ThoughtFix has disassembled the Nokia N800. The N800 is an Internet Tablet powered by a 320 MHz CPU, 128 MB of RAM and it has a 4.1-inch LCD screen with 800 x 400 resolution and 256MB of flash memory.

More picture and a video after the jump.

There is really nothing to see inside – it’s well engineered and comes apart relatively easy, but there is no undocumented hardware like the Nokia 770’s microphone when it was released. All the chips are covered by soldered-on RF shielding so they cannot be read. The back of the PCB is all “antenna space” so even the circuit traces cannot be followed.

Nokia N800 Disassembled 2

Nokia N800 Disassembled 1

Nokia N800 Disassembled 3


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