Cellular-Book Rollable Display Mobile Device

Cellular-Book Rollable Display Mobile Device
Almost a year ago, Polymer Vision has developed the rollable display technology. Now Polymer Vision and Telecom Italia have announced the CELLULAR-BOOK with the rollable screen.

The Cellular Book is the world’s first device to have a rollable display and will be showed at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona from February 12th.
The device has a 5-inch screen which displays 16 grey-levels. It supports UTMS, EDGE, DVB-H IP data-casting, miniUSB and has 4GB of capacity.

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While smaller than a typical mobile phone, the new device features a display which extends up to 5-inches and may simply be stored away after use by folding it, thanks to the flexibility of the polymer based display material. The device features the largest display available in the industry for the same form factor, the 16 grey levels combined with a high contrast and high reflectivity display for paper like reading experience enables comfortable reading, even in bright sunlight. Future developments include color and moving image capable display.

The rollable display enables reading entire newspapers as well as books that can be delivered and bought through TIM’s mobile network via a regular SIM Card within the device – and then stored in the terminal’s memory which will be extremely large (starting from 4 Gigabytes available in the first models).

Cellular-Book Rollable Display Mobile Device



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