MobiBLU D5/Teclast T29 Hands-On Video

MobiBLU D5 gives us a hand-on video on the MobiBLU D5 which is exactly the same as the Teclast T29(except the brand). The MobiBLU D5/Teclast T29 features a 2.0-inch 262K color TFT LCD with 176×220 resolution, FM Radio, Voice recording and line-in recording.

Available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, the player plays MP3, WMA, OGG(Q-1~Q10), FLAC music files, MPEG1, Xvid AVI, MPEG4 video files and BMP, JPEG, GIF images. It supports QBS and RBS sound effects.

Video after the jump.


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