Panasonic DVD-LX87-K, DVD-LS80-K Portable DVD players

Panasonic DVD-LX87-K
Panasonic announed two portable DVD players, the DVD-LS80-K and DVD-LX87-K. Panasonic DVD-LX87-K is not only a DVD player, it features also an 1Seg digital TV tuner.

Both of the DVD-LX87-K and DVD-LS80-K supports wide range of media, from JPEG to DVD-Video, from SD card to DVD+/-R Dual layer. They have a 8.5-inch LCD screen, and a SD card slot supporting SDHC.

They measures 242.6mm x 173.5mm x 46.0mm and weight 1160g.

Panasonic DVD-Ls80-K



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