Sony Luma LMD-2450W, LMD-2030W and LMD-2050W LCDs for Pro

Sony Luma LMD-2450W,

Sony adds 3 new models to its professional Luma LCD monitor lineup. The 3 new models are 24-inch LMD-2450W, 20-inch LMD-2030W and 20-inch LMD-2050W.

The LMD-2450W is a 24-inch LCD with “1920×1200 resolution, 10-bit processing and accepts 1080/60P signals via a standard DVI input”.

The 20-inch LMD-2030W and LMD-2050W has 1,680×1,050 resolution, and it supports HDMI.

The LMD-2450W and LMD-2050W displays offer wave-form monitoring and audio level meter display. Also available are EIA608 closed-captioning capabilities, which is a new feature in the LUMA series and a requirement for the U.S. broadcast market.

A multi-display function allows two images from different sources to be displayed side-by-side, and both models can automatically detect an HD or SD source.



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