BetterLight Super10K-HS 416-Megapixel Digital Scanning Back

BetterLight introduces the Super10K-HS, a 416 Megapixel digital camera back. The BetterLight Super10K-HS can capture direct digital image at a native resolution of 10,200 x 13,600 pixels that allows scanning of originals up to 34 x 45 inches in size at 300 pixels per inch without stitching or interpolation, and generates a 794 MB 48-bit RGB file size.

BetterLight Super10K-HS 416-Megapixel Digital Camera Back

The scanning back offers an ISO range from 64 to 1000,  line times from 1/8th to 1/120th of a second and 11 resolution settings. It is equipped with a 40GB or 80GB internal hard drive for storing images.

The  Super10K-HS will ship at the end of March for $22,995.

BetterLight via Engadget


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