Navigon 5100 / 7100 GPS devices

Navigon 5100 / 7100 GPS devices
Navigon announced two new GPS navigators, the 5100 and 7100, at the eBit.

The Navigon 7100 features a 4.3-inch LCD widescreen, Bluetooth, “exclusive lane assistance, free traffic jam reports, voice input, and PIN code security function”.

The Navigon 5100 is the budget-priced model with similar features as the 7100 but it has a 3.5-inch LCD screen.

The Navigon 7100 (regional maps) and 7100 (map of Europe) will be available this summer for 450 euros and at 500 euros respectively. The Navigon 5100 and 5110 will also be available at 350 euros and at 400 euros respectively. I don’t have a definite release date for US yet, but will do my best to track it down.



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