iubi PMP-1480 with WiFi, DMB, GPS

iubi PMP-1480

iubi presents the PMP-1480, a WiFi-enabled PMP. The iubi PMP-1480 is powered by a TMS320 DM6441 processor, 64MB Flash ROM, 128MB RAM, and a 30/40/60GB 1.8-inch hard drive. The PMP supports Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS navigation and DMB digital TV reception.

The iubi PMP-1480 has a 4.3-inch LCD screen with 800×480 resolution. It runs the Windows CE OS and is able to play MP3, XviD, DivX, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, WMV, JPEG, BMP. You can also get the optional HSDPA dongle.

Below is a video preview on the iubi PMP-1480.

[PMPToday] via [Engadget]


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