Humax LP32-TDR1 LCD TV & PVR Combo

Humax LP32-TDR1 LCD TV & PVR
TrustedReviews has reviewed the Humax LP32-TDR1, a LCD TV and PVR combo. The Humax LP32-TDR1 is a 32-inch LCD TV featuring 1366×768 resolution. It is HD-Ready and has a digital tuner. THe Humax LP32-TDR1 has one HDMI input and two Scarts RGB input.

The Humax LP32-TDR1 has a built-in 160GB hard drive and with the HDD recording system you can record up 100 hours of your favorite TV programmes.

Verdicts from TrustedReviews:

Although the AV purist in us at TrustedReviews ca’t quite see past the LP32’s performance failings, it’s certainly not so bad that it doesn’t at least deserve to be considered by anyone seeking to significantly up their home cinema ante while keeping the peace with their other half

Design & Features: 9
Image Quality: 7
Sound Quality: 6
Value: 9
Overall: 7


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