Sony RDR-HXD1070 HDD/DVD Recorder

Sony RDR-HXD1070

Sony announced the new series of HDD/DVD recorder. The Sony RDR-HXD1070 has a 500GB hard drive and it can upscale the picture resolution from the original 576i to 720p, 1080i or even 1080p.

Other than Hard drive, you can also record in DVD+/-R/RW and DVD+/-R Dual Layer discs. The Sony RDR-HXD1070 can also read DVD-Video, Video CD, Super Video CD, DVD-RAM, CD-DA, CD-ROM (JPEG and MP3 files).

Other than RDR-HXD1070, Sony offers also RDR-HX650, HX750 and RDR-HXD870 which has 160GB hard drive capacity.



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