SOTEC Winbook WH3313, WH3513P,WH3513PC laptops

SOTEC Winbook WH

Sotec is going to launch its new WH laptop series including the WH3313, WH3513P,WH3513PC laptops.

The SOTEC Winbook WH3313 is powered by an INtel Celeron M430 CPU, 512MB RAM, a 80GB hard drive. It has a 15.4-inch LCD display. It runs the Windows Vista Home Basic.

SOTEC Winbook WH3513P is also powered by an Intel Celeron M430 CPU, but it has 1GB of RAM. It supports also WiFi 802.11 a/b/g and has 4 USB ports. It runs the Windows Vista Home Premium.

SOTEC Winbook WH3513PC is the top model of the new WH series. It has the similar configuration as the above but it comes with PowerPoint 2007 and Office Personal 2007.



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