Philips Ambilight FlatTV HDTVs

Philips Ambilight FlatTVs

Philips introduces the new Ambilight FlatTVs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the FlatTV. There are 7 new models, 32PFL7332, 42PFL7432D, 42PFL9832D, 47PFL9732D, 47PFL7432D and 52PFL7432D.

Among them, the 42-inch models (42PFL7432D, 42PFL9832D), 47-inch models (47PFL9732D, 47PFL7432D) and 52-inch model (52PFL7432D) all feature the 1080p resolution with the Perfect Pixel HD Engine “to maximize 1080p content for the best picture” They have also the Pixel Plus 3 HD, Digital Natural Motion and ClearLCD.

The new Ambilight FlatTVs all come with the new LED illumination which “generates more saturated colors, allows for a more compact set design and consumes less power than prior models”.

Product Features

* Philips HD FlatTV with Ambilight Full Surround matches the dominant on-screen colors and emits a corresponding light on each side of the television to create the most immersive viewing experience available.
* The ambient lighting creates a Surround Sight effect, widening the viewing area and drawing the consumer deeper into the program. Reduced eyestrain and relaxed viewing
* By reducing eyestrain, Philips HD FlatTV with Ambilight Full Surround enables consumers to enjoy their entertainment without feeling a “pull” on their vision.


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