Aiptek GO-HD 720P HD Camcorder

Aiptek GO-HD 720P

Aiptek is going to launch GO-HD, a 720P HD digital camcorder on 28 May. Aiptek GO-HD has a 5 Megapixel image sensor and 3X optical zoom. It ca record 1280 x 720 H.264 Video at 30fps in QuickTime format. With a 8GB SDHC, you can record up to 4 hours of High Definition video.

Aiptek GO-HD has also a a 270 degree Swivel-Reversible 2.4″ TFT Color LCD display, night shot feature, 2-inch Macro zoom, red eye reduction, and HDTV component output.

As a HD camcorder, the GO-HD is really small. It measures 4.5″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″ and weighs 7.5ounces.

Product Features
– 1280×720 – 16:9 Ratio @ 30 FPS for Recording Movies:
The GO-HD DV performs 720P high definition video quality to provide a whole new high quality DV experience. One-touch recording allows you to capture stunning HD (1280 x 720 – 16:9 aspect ratio) video clips at 30 frames per second with advanced H.264 technology.

-5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera:
Equipped with a 5 mega pixel CMOS sensor, and Auto-Focus will help you get the best pictures every time!

-3x Optical Zoom w/ Auto Focus:
Bring your subject closer to get the best image with the 3x Optical Zoom with Auto Focus.

-Swivel-Reversible 2.4″ TFT Color LCD Display:
Review and playback you HD video clips and hi-res pictures in real time.  LCD swivels 270-degree for unlimited video and photo taking.
-2-inch Macro Zoom:
The GO-HD will capture 5cm close-up pictures or video clips with Macro Zoom.
-Night Shot:
Enhance image quality while capturing photos in darker environments with your GO-HD.
-LED Lights:
Built-in LED lights on your GO-HD for video recording in dark/low light situations.
-Recharge Battery via USB:
Conveniently charge your new GO-HD via the USB cable when connected to your PC or use the AC Charger cable included. No need to remove battery from camera.

-HDTV Component Output:
Connect your GO-HD to your HDTV Component input ports to display your high definition video clips and still pictures, sharing them with friends and family.

-Removable Hard Disk and SD/MMC Card Reader:
The GO-HD allows you to use up to 8GB of SD card storage to record longer video before having to upload to your PC. (No Internal Memory)


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