Pioneer SE-CLX9 and SE-CLX7 Earphones

Pioneer SE-CLX9

Pioneer shows us the new SE-CLX9 and SE-CLX7 earphones which come with 5 sets of nozzles for you to use in different conditions. The different sets of nozzles are for different kinds of effects, High Tune 1, High Tune2, Standard, Bass Tune 1 and Bass Tune 2.

The whole set of earphones and nozzles are packaged in a carrying case (pictures after the jump). The main differnece between the two models are the material used to build them. ”The duo is set to land next month, and while the aluminum-clad SE-CLX9 will cost ¥22,000 ($190), the less snazzy SE-CLX7 will demand just ¥12,500 ($108)”.


Pioneer SE-CLX9

[Pioneer] via [Engadget]


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