Pharos Drive GPS 250 and 150 GPS devices

Pharos Drive GPS 250 and 150 GPS

Pharos introduces in the US the Drive GPS 250 and 150, 2 GPS navigation device. Both of the devices are powered by Freescale MX21 266MHz procesor, 64MB SDRAM and the SiRFStarIII 20-channel GPS receiver. “Drive GPS 250 includes preloaded NAVTEQ maps of the entire United States and Canada and more than 1.2 million points of interest (POI) ranging from hotels and restaurants to WiFi hotspots and ATMs.”

They run the Windows CE .net 4.3 OS and has a SD card slot. The Pharos Drive GPS 250 is priced at $299.95 while the Pharos Drive GPS 150 for 199.95.



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