Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S DVD Recorder

Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S DVD Recorder

Samsung announced the new TruDirect SE-S204S DVD burner which features “easy and fast real-time recording from nearly any digital device”. Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S offers fastest writing speed on the market, “20X DVD+R and DVD-R writing, 16X DVD+R Dual Layer writing, 12X DVD-R Dual Layer writing and 12X DVD-RAM writing”.

Compared to using a hard disk drive, the TruDirect SE-S204S dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to create DVDs as no pre-mastering, multiplexing or hard-disk buffering is needed, enabling real-time, fast, and simple recording of personal videos, photos or data files onto DVD discs. Creating a DVD of a one-hour video stream only takes one hour and five minutes and to create a DVD from a one-hour hard disk drive camcorder file just takes 30 minutes.

Samsung TruDirect SE-S204S is priced at 159.99.

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