Sony VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L LCD Projectors for Business

Sony VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L LCD Projector

Sony announced the two new LCD projectors, the 7000 lumens VPL-FW300L and the 6000 lumens VPL-FH300L.

The Sony VPL-FW300L features a resolution of 1366×800 while the VPL-FH300L supports up to 2048×1080. They both feature “Sony’s BrightEra imaging technology, which is based on an inorganic substrate and alignment layer to produce a stronger bonding of molecules. This makes the panel more resistant to damage from UV energy while allowing for an increased aperture ratio”.

Both projectors will be available in the coming January, VPL-FW300L is priced at $27000 and VPL-FH300L priced at $40000.

Both models use dual 275W lamps to essentially eliminate the risk of a blackout in the event of lamp failure. Their opposing design configuration allows for projector tilting for mirror or other uses. The lamps have an expected life of 1500 (high) or 2500 (standard) hours. This use of low wattage lamps saves energy and running costs, which in turn helps the projector run cooler and quieter when compared with other offerings.


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