Ziova ClearStream CS615 HD Media Streamer

Ziova ClearStream CS615 HD Media Streamer

Ziova offers the ClearStream CS615 HD media streaming device. Ziova ClearStream CS615 comes with a 3.5-inch hard drive for users to store their media files but the player does not support wireless connectivity. The ClearStream CS615 supports almost all kinds of file formats, including H.264, WMV9, QuickTme, AC3 and MPEG1/2/3/4. It has HDMI port, S-Video ports and other commonly used ports.

The new Cleastream CS615 players feature:

1. ‘SMB Server Support’ which allows users to have multiple units and stream from the internal hard drives of any player.
2. ‘FTP Server Support’, which allows easy remote access to the files on the hard drive
3. 2 x USB connections’ one on front and rear of the player for adding extra storage to the device

The device will be available in the US in March for $329.



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