Panasonic KX-WP800 Skype Phone

Panasonic KX-WP800 Skype Phone

Panasonic offers in Japan the KX-WP800 WLAN phone with Skype support. The Panasonic KX-WP80 can make VoIP calls without PC thanks to the dedicated WLAN router, that comes with the phone. The phone itself has a 1.8-inch color LCD display and it can store up to 500 contacts.

The phone supports FON’s WiFi sharing services, which mean you can bring the phone out and connect to Skype via FON’s 32000 access point in Japan. The WLAN router supports WiFi 802.11b/g standard and WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP) security.

Available in Japan in 28 March, it will be priced at 29,800 Yen.



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