Samsung S2 and S3 Music Players

Samsung YP-S2 “Pebble” MP3

Samsung officially announced the YP-S2 and YP-S3 music players. We have seen a video preview on the S3 before. It is an ultra-thin MP3 player, which is only 0.4-inch thick. Other than MP3 and WMA playback, the S3 supports also MPEG-4 videos, JPEG images, FM radio and voice recording. It has 4GB of capacity and has a battery life of 25 hours for audio playback and 4 hours for video playback.

Samsung YP-S3

The S2 is a so-called “Pebble” MP3 player (pictured above), which is small and light. It has 1GB of internal memory and supports MP3, WMA and OGG formats. There is no display, but buttons, play/pause, volume, playback options, on the face of the Pebble.

Both devices will be available in June.



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