Naim HDX Hard Disk player

Naim HDX Hard Disk player

Naim Audio announced its new HDX Hard drive based media player. The Naim features a 400GB hard drive and is a high-end CD player, that can also do CD ripping.


  • Independent and separately grounded multi-regulated power supplies for analogue and digital stages.
  • A Burr-Brown PCM1791A digital to analogue converter selected after exhaustive listening.
  • 24 bit/192kHz internal architecture with support for hi-resolution audio formats.
  • Ultra low jitter re-clocking circuits.
  • A seven pole analogue output filtering using Burr Brown OPA604 op amps.
  • Custom designed monolithic air cord transformer isolated analogue output stages.
  • An optional external XPS or CD555PS power supply for even greater musical performance.



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