Sharp Aquos RX5, GX5 and DS5 Series LCD HDTVs

Sharp Aquos RX5, GX5 and DS5 Series LCD HDTVs

Sharp introduces 22 new LCD TVs, and most of them are HDTVs. They include the RX5 Series, GX5 series and DS5 series.

There are 3 new models in RX5 Series, including 65-inch LC-65RX5, 52-inch LC-52RX5 and 46-inch LC-42RX5. Each model will be available in two colors. So there are six new LCD HDTVs. They offer Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, 20000:1 contrast ratio, 450cd/m2 brightness, 120Hz panel and 12bit BDE image processor.

There are 7 new models in the GX series, including:

  • LC-52GX5 – 52-inch
  • LC-46GX5 – 46-inch
  • LC-42GX5 – 42-inch
  • LC-37GX5 – 37-inch
  • LC-32GX5 – 32-inch
  • LC-32GH5 – 32-inch (1366×768)
  • LLC-26GH5 -26-inch (1366×768)

There are also 9 new TVs in the DS5 series, actually there are only 3 new models, but each of them will be available in 3 colors. The 3 new models include 42-inch LC-42DS5, 37-inch LC-37DS5 and 32-inch LC-32DS5. They feature 1920×1080 Full HD resolution, 15,000:1 contrast and 450cd/m2 brightness.[Sharp]


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