Asus Eee Box B202 – iMac Killer?

Asus Eee Box B202 - iMac Killer?

Asus expands it Eee series to also desktop PC by introducing the Eee Box B202 desktop PC, which is a portable desktop that may challenge Apple’s iMac. The Eee Box B202 is powered by an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB or 2GB of memory, 80-160GB hard drive. It comes with also WiFi 802.11 draft-n, Bluetooth and a SD/MMC/MS memory card reader.

There are 3 models available:
1GB RAM + 80GB HDD Linux OS – $269
1GB RAM + 80GB HDD Windows XP – $299
2GB RAM+ 160GB HDD Linux OS – $299

It is available in White and Black.



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