Sanyo PLC-XP200L 4LCD Projector

Sanyo PLC-XP200L 4LCD Projector

Sanyo announced the PLC-XP200L (known as LP-XP200L in Japan) , the world’s first 4LCD optical engine projector. The Sanyo PLC-XP200L offers a brightness of 7,000 lumens and comes with Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) for easy maintenance.

Sanyo PLC-XP200L can deliver image of 1024×768 resolution and it is also compatible with HD resolutions including 1080i 50/60, 1035i, 720p as well as standard definition (480p, 480i, 575p, 575i). It offers 2200:1 contrast ratio, and has DVI-I, RGB and S-video inputs.

SANYO developed a new high-speed image compensating LSI for the 4LCD engine. The combination of the 4LCD engine and the new LSI allows for up to 20% more color space than our conventional projectors.

Available in the US in September for a price of $9,995.



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