Yamaha YSP-3050 Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha YSP-3050 Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha announced YSP-3050 Digital Sound Projector. The new sound bar supports “21 beam drivers, and two woofers, 23 corresponding digital amplifiers, three Cinema DSP programs (movie, music and sports), analog to HDMI video upconversion, high definition video upscaling to 1080i/720p and a 1080p (24Hz and 60Hz) compatible HDMI interface with two inputs and one output to facilitate pure digital connections with the latest home theater components.”

It supports most surround sound standatds, such as Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo:6, as well as CINEMA DSP. It is priced at $1,399.95.

You may also want to the the YDS-11 iPod Dock accessory for $99.95.



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