Acer P3250 and P5280 DLP Projectors

Acer P3250 and P5280 DLP Projectors

Acer is going to release in Japan two new DLP projectors, the P3250 and P5280. The Acer P3250 features a 1024×768 resolution, 2000 lumens brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio. The projector will offer 1600 lumens in Eco Mode.

The another model, P5280, also offers 1024×768 resolution and it has 3500 lumens brightness, 2000:1 contrast. It offers 2800 lumens in Eco mode.

Both projectors comes with HDMI and analog RGB inouts and 2-watt speakers while the P5280 has also DVI, S-Video and Composite interface.



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