Belkin’s new Laptop Cooling accessories


Belkin introduces its new laptop accessories, including the CushTop Hideaway that protect your lap from a hot computer; Laptop Cooling Hub that cool your laptop and gives you 4 more USB ports; Laptop Cooling Lounge that has a cooling fan and is adjustable to fit your needs and the Laptop CoolStrip that offers non-powered laptop cooling.

Both Laptop Cooling Lounge and Laptop CoolStrip works with notebooks up to 17-inch. They will be available in October.


CushTop Hideaway (F8N081) – $64.99

* Designed for comfortable laptop use on the couch, bed, or floor
* Stores power supply inside
* Made of durable microfiber


Laptop Cooling Hub (F5L025) – $49.99

* 4 USB ports add a convenient connection to other devices
* Works with laptops up to 17″


Laptop Cooling Lounge (F5L028) – $39.99

* Extra width and adjustable height make it more comfortable to work with your laptop on your lap
* Cooling fan keeps the heat from your laptop off your legs
* Works with laptops up to 17″

Laptop CoolStrip (F5L033) – $19.99

* Unique product design offers non-powered laptop cooling
* Works with laptops up to 17″
* Washable with mild soap and water, dishwasher-safe



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