Leaf AFi 10 56 Megapixel Camera

Leaf AFi 10 56 Megapixel Camera

While Hasselblad offers the H3DII-50 50 Megapixel camera and Phase One offers the P65+ 60 Megapixel camera, Leaf introduces the 56 Megapixel AFi 10 camera. The Leaf AFi features a 56×36 mm CCD image sensor with 9288 x 6000 active pixel, ISO sensitivity ranging from 50-800, and up to 1 minutes of exposure time.

With best-of-class Schneider lenses, the Leaf AFi system can fully realize the power of 56 megapixels, delivering images of unsurpassed quality. Together with the new Leaf ‘Verto’ technology, the True Wide Frame sensor can be rotated internally, giving you the control and flexibility to shoot the way you want to. Just imagine.



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