Belkin TuneCast Auto works with iPhone 3G

Belkin TuneCast Auto works with iPhone 3G

Belkin announced that the TuneCast Auto can work with Apple’s new iPhone 3G, in addition first generation iPhone and iPods. The TuneCast Auto allows you to play the music from your iPhone 3G in your car via the best FM frequency it can find. The TuneCast Auto is priced at $79.99.

The device is able to work with iPhone as well as iPods, including iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPod nana all generation and iPod mini.

* Features ClearScan technology
* PRO setting optimizes audio and boosts volume
* Transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1MHz-107.9MHz
* Attached auto power cord powers and charges your iPhone or iPod in the car
* Flexible design lets passengers control playlists



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