PhotoFast CR-9000 2.5-inch SATA SDHC-to-SSD Adapter

PhotoFast CR-9000 SDHC-to-SATA SSD Adapter

PhotoFast CR-9000 is a SDHC-to-SATA SSD adapter that has a 2.5-inch form factor. The adapter can accommodate up to six SDHC memory cards. With six 32GB SDHCs, you can get a 192GB 2.5-inch SATA SSD drive.

Using class-6 MLC SDHC cards with a RAID 0 setup, the “SSD” is able to offer a up to 130MBps read and up to 85MBps write speed. If SLC SDHC cards are used, the write speed can go up to 130MBps.



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