soundmatters SLIMstage40 Surround Bar

soundmatters SLIMstage40 Surround Bar

While Yamaha has the Sound Projector, soundmatters presents the SLIMstage40 Surround Bar, an all-one-surround speaker/amplifier/processor console. The soundmatters SLIMstage4 offers 170 Watts from eight internal amplifiers.

It has four Linear Magnetic DriveTM main/satellite speakers in its compact console, and nine bass drivers, including three down-firing Extreme-Energy subs assisted by six mass radiators, with reproduction down to 45Hz.

The Surround bar can produce a well-developed virtual 5.1-channel virtual surround soundstage, thanks to the Euphony HD technology. From a single cabinet, EuphonyHD not only faithfully recreates Dolby Digital and DTS imaging, but it creates a realistic 5.1 soundfield from 2-channel signals as well.

It has two digital audio inputs and three analog audio inputs. The soundmatters SLIMstage40 is priced at $899, or you can get the $1199 package that comes with the SUBstage100 subwoofer.



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