AOC Envision 861 series LCD HDTVs

AOC Envision L19W861, L26W861 and L32W861 LCD HDTVs

AOC announced its Envision 861 series LCD HDTVs, including the 19-inch L19W861, 26-inch L26W861 and 32-inch L32W861.

The sleek L19W861 offers a resolution of 1440×900 while the L26W861 and L32W861 has 1366×768 resolution. All of them have Swivel base, Digital ATSC and Clear QAM Tuner, HDMI input, and PC input with audio.

The 19-inch L19W861 is priced at $299.00 while the 26-inch L26W861 and 32-inch L32W861 cost $499.00 and $599 respectively.



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